"I am a 74 year old female who suffered from a rigid kyphotic spine and chronic spinal pain. I was taking several narcotic medications and had a morphine pump to help with pain control. I sought additional pain relief with Dr. Cone. After several treatments, I felt better than I had in 30 years with my chronic spinal pain. A later evaluation revealed a 10 degree change in my kyphosis as well! I have decreased my pain medications and have many pain-free days. I would strongly recommend Dr. Cone for his expertise and care." — Joy

"I was so impressed by how thorough and caring Dr. Joel Cone was about my GI health concerns. He was willing to do a battery of diagnostic testing so as not to leave any stone unturned. I appreciated his thoughtfulness about how I was feeling, checking in with me via e-mail and even responding to issues over the weekend. His practice is fantastic and his wife, Dr. Alexis Dobson, was equally caring in making sure that my insurance covered all the visits and testing. I credit Dr. Cone with my health being restored. I have been seeing doctors about GI issues for over ten years and Dr. Cone is the first to have found the root issues, not just the symptoms, and actually solved them! Wow! I feel great now and I know my body has restored health, thanks to Dr. Cone. I would recommend him to any friend." — Tara

"I originally came to Dr. Cone for shoulder and neck pains. I had trouble working due to the intense spasms and pain in my neck and right arm. My problems had progressed over the course of 9 months. I just kept putting off doing something about it. Dr. Cone had me completely pain-free in a few weeks and then helped me to quite smoking with acupuncture, which I had not known about. Over the course of several years (due to my stubborness) he helped me improve my diet and I feel healthier and sleep better. Thanks." — David

"Dr. Cone has been amazing! I had sciatica with pain in my buttocks, lower back, and leg during both of my pregnancies. I was referred to Dr. Cone by my Ob/Gyn and he completely changed my life at that time. I could sleep, walk, and bend forward without pain! I remember crying when the pain was gone. I didn't think it was possible, as my Ob/Gyn for my first pregnancy had never mentioned going to a chiropractor for this issue. I had so much anxiety about the constant pain I had had with my first child that I had been reluctant to have another. Thank you so much." — Kristen