About Us

Dr. Joel Cone

Dr. Cone graduated from Texas Chiropractic College with honors in 2001. He previously received a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. While in school he was selected for the Hospital Rotations program which included rotations in Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Therapy, Neurological Surgery, Rheumatology, and Radiology. At graduation he was selected to receive the Keeler Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in his class. After graduation he worked as an exam doctor with Chief of Neurosurgery of Christus St. Joseph Hospital, Dr. Edward Murphy. There he performed complete physicals and reviewed MRI, CT, and radiographic imaging and set patients on rehabilitative routines. He was in private practice at this time and also completed post-graduate training in Acupuncture. In 2003 he moved to Austin and opened Diagnostic Natural Medicine of Austin. He has been a professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Austin Community College since 2003. He teaches classes at the AOMA: Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in varying subjects including Case Management, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physical Assessment. Dr. Cone was licensed as an Advanced Practice Chiropractic Physician in the State of New Mexico in 2013, with training in I.V. nutrients and medications, injectables, trigger point therapy, and prescription medications, as seen in the New Mexico Chiropractic Formulary. Additional post graduate training in C-arm fluoroscopic guided prolotherapy through the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine was completed in 2013. Currently Dr. Cone is additionally a Designated Doctor in Texas and is qulified in certifying Impairment Ratings, Maximum Medical Improvement, and Disability throughout Texas.

Dr. Alexis Dobson

Dr. Alexis Dobson graduated from Texas Chiropractic College with honors in 2002. She was selected among her classmates for the rotations program where she was under the tutilage of Dr. Martin Lidsky at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in the Houston Medical Center. She has advanced training and certification in Acupuncture and is the co-founder of Diagnostic Natural Medicine of Austin. Currently Dr. Cone is additionally a Designated Doctor through the State of Texas and performed certifications of Impairment Ratings and Maximum Medical Improvement and Disability throughout Texas.