Case Examples

Mr. A presented with progressive pain in his low back, buttocks, and leg. After a complete physical exam, neurological and orthopedic work up, we felt the need to get further imaging with an MRI. After reviewing the herniated disc and gluteal bursitis that was confirmed on the MRI, we set him on a specific treatment plan to reduce the bursitis inflammation, and manage the discomfort of the herniated disc. We provided specific nutrients to make sure his body had all the nutrients it needed to effectively repair his disc while reducing pain, immobility and inflammation. His pain resolved with aggressive care and nutritional intervention.

Ms. B, an over weight 48 year old female, presented to our office with plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel). After taking a good history we discovered a family history of diabetes and a strong desire to lose weight in addition to a need to resolve her foot pain. We did a comprehensive blood work up, including food allergy testing and a thyroid panel, and found her to be functionally hypothyroid with multiple food allergies. We supported her with specific nutrient protocols to improve her GI barrier to food allergies, eliminated the allergens temporarily, and supported her endocrine system. She lost 47 pounds, lowered her cardiac risk, and resolved her foot pain in a steady and progressive manner.

Mrs. C, a 33 year-old female, presented to our office complaining of loss of libido, debilitating fatigue, mental fogginess, mild depression, and lethargy. We performed a complete physical, including functional blood analysis, hair biopsy for toxic metal poisoning, food allergy testing, and hormone testing. Her blood work up and hormone panel confirmed the physical findings that indicated a hypo-functioning adrenal-hypothalamic-pituitary axis and low-grade immune/inflammatory responses from food allergies. We provided a tailor-made program to restore her endocrine function while she temporarily avoided her allergens. She was compliant with our recommendations and her symptoms steadily resolved over the course of 2 months.

Mr. X presented to our office with neck pain and pain down his arm. After a detailed physical examination we found that he had substantial weakness in several muscle groups from several neurological levels. We set him on a conservative treatment plan and performed radiographic and MRI evaluations to further assess his condition. After reading the imaging and continued weakness, we referred him to a Neurologist for a nerve conduction and electromyelographic evaluations. This case demonstrates precision understanding of when a referral is necessary.

Mrs. Y was referred by her OB/GYN for evaluation and treatment for sciatic pain related to pregnancy. She stated that her pain was "debilitating", she was not able to work as a teacher, and she had difficulty walking. She had complete resolution of her debilitating sacral and leg pain in the course of 6 visits and subsequent maintenance therapies during her pregnancy. This is a very typical case that is regularly seen in our office.

Mr. Z, a 59 year-old male, presented with shoulder and foot pain. In the course of a good history we discovered the need to do a cardiac and blood work up. He had alterations on his EKG and the blood work up showed severe cardiac risk with elevated homocysteine, Cardiac CRP, and altered blood lipids (cholesterols). His blood findings indicated a 70% increased chance of a cardiovascular event occurring. We also initiated aggressive natural medicine therapies and dietary changes that rapidly improved his blood findings over the next 6 months. We initiated therapies to his shoulder and foot which resolved as well.