Our Mission

To provide cutting-edge diagnostics and to treat patients using safe, drug-free, natural medicine.

Diagnostic Services

We provide comprehensive evaluations to most precisely diagnose the patient’s condition. I truly believe in getting things done the right way the first time. We provide a unique approach to healthcare by combining the cutting edge diagnostic tools of biomedicine with safe, natural medicines including herbs, nutrients, physical medicine and acupuncture, and spinal adjustments that stimulate and restore normal physiological function. Instead of thinking that every person responds to the same treatment, we evaluate your unique physiology to provide tailor-made, specific treatment plans. We do this by combining blood chemistry evaluations, physical examinations, history, and unique testing procedures to find out what physiological problems you have. We believe in keeping health care affordable. By joining a laboratory co-operative we can provide up to 80% off standard laboratory test fees! We have brought cutting edge diagnostics to every patient, whether or not they have insurance. Our office works with local imaging facilities to provide the best pricing on advanced medical imaging such as MRI’s, CT’s, Bone Scans, “x-rays”, and ultrasounds, should those be needed in making a diagnosis.

80% of all medical related office visits are related to musculoskeletal or viscerosomatic pain. We have many solutions for pain related issues including acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, spinal traction, Active Release, and other nutritional therapies. We have historically mastered conservative spinal and joint pain related treatments and they are the mainstay of what we do.

Natural Medicine in combination with Modern Diagnostics IS the future of medicine. Come see us at Diagnostic Natural Medicine of Austin.